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>FREE< Walking with the Angels : A Path of Service pdf, epub, mobi
>FREE< Walking with the Angels : A Path of Service pdf, epub, mobi

White Eagle,Anna Hayward,: Walking with the Angels : A Path of Service

Walking with the Angels : A Path of Service


A compilation from years of teachings on angels. It treats "walking with angels" as something we can make an aspect of our path, like meditation or healing. Topics include the qualities needed to see and make contact with the angels; the parallel life-streams of humanity and the angels; the chakras and the angels associated with them; feeling the angelic presence in nature; how to work with the angels for healing; the great angels of the sun and the planets; angelic guidance; ritual and ceremony; and the archangel Michael.

The meaning that people attribute to things necessarily derives from human transactions and motivations, particularly from how those things are used and circulated. The contributors to this volume examine how things are sold and traded in a variety of social and cultural settings, both present and past. Focusing on culturally defined aspects of exchange and socially regulated processes of circulation, the essays illuminate the ways in which people find value in things and things give value to social relations. By looking at things Walking with the Angels : A Path of Service free download pdf as if they lead social lives, the authors provide a new way to understand how value is externalized and sought after. They discuss a wide range of goods - from oriental carpets to human relics - to reveal both that the underlying logic of everyday economic life is not so far removed from that which explains the circulation of exotica, and that the distinction between contemporary economics and simpler, more distant ones is less obvious than has been thought.

Author: White Eagle,Anna Hayward,
Number of Pages: 144 pages
Published Date: 01 Nov 1999
Publisher: White Eagle Publishing Trust
Publication Country: Liss, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780854871094
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